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GG is a stylish, independent, international magazine featuring entertaining, well-researched stories.


GG is a stylish, independent, international magazine featuring entertaining, well-researched stories. Architecture, lifestyle, fashion, design, yachting, luxury, travel… GG scours the globe for the most exciting topics and the most fascinating personalities, and invites you to come along for the ride. This premium publication will also keep you up to date on some of the world’s most gorgeous real estate and yacht offerings available through its biggest advertiser, Engel & Völkers. 

Current Issue (02/2024)


The Island Issue: The magic allure of islands and the personalities who know how to present them in a whole new context.

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Issue 01/2024


Shaped by altitude, with vision and integrity - a broader perspective creates excellence and beauty. Learn more about a selection of Icons from the Mountains in this issue. 

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Issue 04/2023


This edition, the "PURPOSE ISSUE," focuses on the dynamic, elegant and future-oriented leading ladies who are transforming traditional companies and industries.


Issue 03/2023


Welcome to the "FEEL GOOD ISSUE." Health really is the new wealth. Why this trend is fueling a dynamic investment sector, the big players and how to live longer, healthier and happier.


Issue 02/2023


This season’s edition, “THE NOMAD ISSUE,” is dedicated to courageous individuals who have wholeheartedly left their comfort zones—inviting you to leave the pack and forge your own path.

In this issue, we introduce you to Maximilian Eicke, a German-born furniture designer who’s manufacturing his dreams around the world—from the Hamptons to Bali. You'll also learn about world-renowned researcher Dian Fossey, who pioneered preservation efforts to save the lives of mountain gorillas in Rwanda and beyond. Finally, discover how Jay Shetty’s three-year stay at a monastery propelled him into fame as an inspiring life coach with over 50 million online followers.

As usual, in every issue, you can also look forward to industry news from Engel & Völkers CEO Sven Odia, and thanks to the QR code next to each property, you can easily find out more about any property or yacht you’re interested in.

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Issue 01/2023


This edition, known as “THE TRAVEL ISSUE” explores beautiful destinations around the world—inspiring you to visit the places you have yet to discover.

In this issue, we introduce you to the ambitious New York fashion designer Tory Burch, who found her dream holiday home on the Caribbean island of Antigua. You'll also meet Sonia Cheng, the CEO of Rosewood, a fast-growing hotel group has expanded into Europe’s historically rich cities. Finally, discover how the Belmond Group (under the luxury firm LVMH) is reinventing its sophisticated portfolio of legendary trains, elegant safaris, and distinctive hotels.

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Issue 04/2022


The new issue of GG Magazine is out now! And this time around it’s “THE MINDFUL ISSUE” – filled with interesting people and passion projects that inspire more mindfulness and help make our world a little more sustainable. Meet Anglo-German couple Stephen and Jeany Cronk, who have fulfilled a lifelong dream with their rosé label Maison Mirabeau in Provence and are dedicated to educating others about regenerative wine growing. And get to know the American-Israeli designer Neri Oxman, who creates sustainable solutions for the future with the help of nature and technology. Read about game-changers whose innovations are bettering the planet, and discover an insider tip on the Amalfi Coast, the hotel Monastero Santa Rosa.

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Issue 03/2022


THE HOPE ISSUE” is packed with exciting personalities and inspiring stories to fill us with a sense of faith and optimism.

Meet India Mahdavi who uplifts us with her bright designs and who reflects here on the power of colour. Learn more about this year’s Pritzker Prize winner Diébédo Francis Kéré, who is building for a more just future. Read too about why more and more people are heading to the mountains in summer, and discover the extravagant floral art of Lewis Miller Design.

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Issue 02/2022


Learn more about German entrepreneur Judith Dommermuth, whose leisurewear brand, Juvia, is generating buzz from all genders around the world. Hear from NetJets, the world’s largest private jet firm, and their extraordinary growth over the years. Lastly, learn about vertical farming, and how this innovated new technique is exciting global investors. 

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Issue 01/2022


Meet some fascinating individuals, like the delightful Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner, who has also started a new career as an organic farmer. Find out in an exclusive interview about the founder of Deliciously Ella, who has become a role model for an entire generation with her vegan food blog. Get the cold hard facts about the Wim Hof Method, take a trip with us to the “Palazzo Fiuggi”, and discover how architecture can work wonders for the soul.

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Issue 04/2021


We are proud to present the brand new edition of GG Magazine. This time around it’s “THE COOL BRIT ISSUE” – dedicated to all the inspiring ideas and impressive individuals to come out of Great Britain.

Meet the actor Idris Elba, who is being touted as a contender for the next James Bond. Expand your mind with the vision of Nick Jones, founder of the international members’ club Soho House. And find out about the ambitious plans of the legendary carmaker Rolls-Royce to build the world’s fastest electric aircraft.

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Icons from the Mountains

Learn more from these icons shaped by altitude, offering a broader perspective with vision and integrity.

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