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Spectacular Swimming Pools

Engel & Völkers properties with spectacular pools

With summer approaching, the allure of a pool on your property, whether as something to look at or to dive into, is stronger than ever. For many, a perfectly positioned and well-designed pool is the true hallmark of a luxury property. If you are considering the purchase of a summer home with a pool, remember to consider practical details including its age and maintenance level, and its location on your property. How does its design and placement align with your plans to use it? A well planned and constructed pool can add value to a property, (estimates hover around 7%), while the wrong one may detract. Below are some factors to consider whether you are seeking a home with a pool or planning to install your own. With expertise and exclusive listings in a range of spectacular and often warm settings, our Private Office Advisors are perfectly qualified to help you make a splash.


How do you plan to use your swimming pool? Fitness-oriented pools require appropriate space and depth for laps and lanes. Pools for pleasure allow for more creativity in terms of shape, design and tiling. If you’re inspired, you can even dig out a shape yourself to preview your design before installation.


It’s important to consider your pool’s ground level. If it’s low, it may be more likely to fill with leaves, debris and rainwater. Also think about factors like wind and sun exposure, so that your morning laps or afternoon dips are warm and sunlit.


The different materials that may be used to build inground pools each offer their own benefits. Fibreglass pools are the fastest to install and, because they are non-porous, reduce your use of chemicals over time. The design options for fiberglass pools are limited, so they are most appropriate for more utilitarian fitness pools. Vinyl and Concrete can both be used to create unique and organic designs and shapes. Vinyl is easy to mold and bend but is also more vulnerable to puncture. Concrete can be poured into almost any space and shape and is far more durable.


Unique shapes and designs with special features like bubbling fountains, stone stairs, or an inbuilt jacuzzi can make your property more special in the eyes of future buyers and add value. That said, at the end of the day the most important feature to focus on is your enjoyment.