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GG Magazine 4/21

About GG

GG is a stylish, independent, international magazine featuring entertaining, well-researched stories. Architecture, lifestyle, fashion, design, yachting, luxury, travel… GG scours the globe for the most exciting topics and the most fascinating personalities and invites you to come along for the ride. This premium publication will also keep you up to date on some of the world’s most gorgeous real estate and yacht offerings available through its biggest advertiser, Engel & Völkers. Meet some world-famous British stars at the top of their game, including the actor Idris Elba, who is being touted as a contender for the next James Bond. Expand your mind with the vision of Nick Jones, founder of the international members’ club Soho House. And find out about the ambitious plans of the legendary carmaker Rolls-Royce to build the world’s fastest electric aircraft in the world. Once again, this issue features the latest industry news from Engel & Völkers CEO Sven Odia.

The Cool Operator


Whatever he sets his mind to, he makes it look effortless. The British actor Idris Elba has multidimensional talents: Besides acting he produces, directs, writes, and composes. (Read more on Page 35)

The Wings of Change


When it comes to world-famous British brands, Rolls Royce Cars is right up there at the top of the list. A pinnacle of British elegance ever since 1904. Now the luxury car manufacturer is bringing an electric aircraft onto the market. Read more page 66

The House Master


Nick Jones has built a formidable business empire with his Soho house: 29 private clubs in 11 countries, with new clubs in Rome, Paris, and Brighton soon to open their doors. Find out on page 72

Desert Oasis


The invisible house in Joshua Tree, California, certainly lives up to its name: Due to its mirrored windows, the monolithic form of this incredible property almost appears to disappear into its Mars-like desert surroundings. Read more page 87

The Cool Brit Issue

Coinciding with the U.K. market entry of Engel & Völkers, the new edition of GG is “THE COOL BRIT ISSUE” – dedicated to all things to emerge from “Cool Britannia”.

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